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$10k Car Photography for Under $100

Adding car photography as part of my skill set was something I didn't plan on. I'm not a car guy, not someone that belongs to car clubs, or chooses Ford over Chevy (sorry Dad, I do love Fords, I just don't HAVE to have one), I don't know a lot about engines, and can do only basic maintenance on my own vehicles. But I do have an above average appreciation, IMHO, I've watched almost every episode of Top Gear (the British version with Jeremy, Richard and James is by far the best), and I've had some cool custom lifted vehicles that always turned heads driving down the road. Currently I drive an '07 Ford Expedition with 180,000 miles on it (super dope, right? ) and my wife has an '03 Honda Accord with 75k miles.

My first "real" car photography image was while I was out driving around Texas just after we mover here last June, and I was scouting out location spots for portraits. I went up to Lewisville Lake a little bit before sunset and some teenage kid in a nice looking white Ford Mustang with gold rims, comes pulling into the park area. I went over, introduced myself (trying not to look like a creepy dude with a beard), and asked if he wanted a killer shot of his car by the lake for free. He was down, so I got out all my gear and went at it, creating my first high end car portrait.

One of the best things I feel that an artist can do when they use their talents for a living, is to have personal projects they work on to keep the spark of passion alive. I, myself, have had many seasons that the only time I picked up a camera was when I had a client commission me for work. It became purely for a career, not a purpose. Taking these car portraits has been a great way for me to enjoy the creative process for myself again. And the style I shoot these images with is tremendously creative, with a mix of being artistic and technical to create the process. My biggest inspiration with this style has been Joel Grimes, one of the worlds best photographers. you can see his work here www.https://www.joelgrimes.com/ The process in a nutshell involves taking dozens of images and using studio quality strobes to light different areas/angles of the scene and then compositing them together. It takes a lot of imagination and planning that when it's all done the final image looks almost 3-Dimensional.

My desire is to have automotive photography become a large part of our business and expand my style even further. Each shot I have created takes about 10 hours worth of work from start to finish. I hope to meet folks that own really nice cars and create amazing images for them that are truly pieces of art. It's now time for me to give it a shot (pun intended) and make a business out of my unique style.

So this is my plan; I'm offering car portrait sessions for $99. You got a cool car or truck, I'm your guy. Are you looking to just have a digital copy to use as bragging piece on social media, or a true piece of artwork to display in your home, office or man cave? I'll have custom packages put together so that you can enjoy your ride when you're not behind the wheel.

"It’s what non-car people don’t get. They see all cars as just a ton and a half, two tons of wires, glass, metal, and rubber, and that’s all they see. People like you or I know we have an unshakable belief that cars are living entities… You can develop a relationship with a car and that’s what non-car people don’t get… When something has foibles and won’t handle properly, that gives it a particularly human quality because it makes mistakes, and that’s how you can build a relationship with a car that other people won’t get."
Jeremy Clarkson

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