• Nick Allen

-Said to me by a friend who doesn't know any better- "You must have SO many pictures in your home!"

You know the sayings: "The plumber's sink is always clogged" or "The dentist's kids have bad teeth", and so on. Well our family is the WORST to take pictures of! We are so incredibly patient with other families and their kids, but when it comes to ours it's a completely different story. Even when they were babies, they would be wide awake and crying when we were trying to do their precious newborn portraits. I could get everyone else's sweet little babies to sleep and in the perfect position except my own! Lol, it's funny now but it wasn't at the time! In our family photo below, we combined 5, yes 5 DIFFERENT pictures to create the perfect image. Oh and we took these ourselves, with Nick's camera set up on a tripod and a trigger release in his hand to click the shutter. Are you getting stressed just reading this? I know I am! As difficult as it was, I'm so grateful that we took the time to do it so I can remember exactly what we all were like at this moment in our lives.


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